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Three organisations, two small registered sister charities – Chifundo UK and Chanasa Malawi – have joined forces with Gift of the Givers, a large relief NGO based in Blantyre Malawi, to provide information about Menstrual Hygiene and to give school girls in rural areas and needy urban suburbs Lotus Packs so that they can have a positive experience of menstruation and not have to miss school each month.

Each Lotus Pack will consists of a set of washable, reusable santitary pads, a small waterproof bag, 2 new pairs of panties, a bar of soap and a packet of salt all stored in a cotton drawstring bag. This will be given to the girls together with information about Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

A first period should be a welcome rite of passage for young girls. One to be celebrated and marked with honour.  This, however, is not the case for many girls in Malawi.  Instead menstruation rings shame, embarrassment and isolation. Instead of this being seen as a natural act of the body and empowering aspect of femininity, many young girls are left unsupported, and reduced to some of the most unconventional methods to help them through. The Lotus Project aims to help girls preserve their dignity, allowing them to take pride in their bodies as well as concentrate in school.

Lotus Pack Leaflet

If you would like more information about the Lotus Project or would like to arrange an illustrated talk about the Lotus Project in the UK please contact Susan Flynn using the Contact Form.

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