Lotus Pack and Training

Lotus Pack and Training

At just £8.50 for a Lotus Pack and training, you can help a girl and a Chanasa Women.  You can enable a girl in Malawi to attend school for years and not to miss lessons each month during her periods. This could lead her to go on to Further Education and/or getting a job, which will benefit her family and community.

A Lotus pack contains 4 washable, reusable, compostable sanitary pads, 2 pairs of panties, a flannel (washcloth), soap, salt and a small waterproof bag all in a cotton chitenje drawstring bag.

Your purchase will enable the Chanasa Women to earn money by making the pads and bags and the whole pack will then be given to a girl in Malawi.

When you purchase a Lotus Pack you will be sent a gift certificate.

Also see the range of fashionable, beautifully designed, fully lined bags to support the work of the Lotus Project in the shop.


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