Gifts for Life

There are several ways in which you can buy a Gift for Life which could change the life of a schoolgirl in Malawi  through the Lotus Project (click for more information) and at the same time enable the Chanasa Sewing groups to earn money.

Lotus Packs and Menstrual Health Training

For £8.50 you can purchase from our Online Shop a Lotus Pack with reusable sanitary pads, panties, soap, salt etc which will be given to a schoolgirl together with Menstrual Health Training.  Instead of missing school for up to 5 days per month from her periods she could attend school and do well in her learning.  A gift certificate can be supplied.

Lotus Flower Bags

Chifundo UK has developed a range of fashionable, beautifully designed, fully lined bags to support the work of the Lotus Project.  All are made in Malawi by the Chanasa Women's Enterprise. Two of the bags use a sturdy, hard wearing denim, and one uses cotton polyester combined with the vibrant colours of traditional African fabrics. They are decorated with the Lotus Project’s logo of the Lotus flower, Malawi’s national flower.

These special Lotus Flower Bags cost more that the usual product range because they include the cost of a Lotus Pack and Menstrual Health Training and a gift certificate is supplied with them. Click on the picture of each bag to browse the item in our Online Shop:

Lotus Cross Body Bag Lotus Safari Bag Lotus Tote bag