Workshops in Malawi March 2018

Susan was in Malawi and for the first time ran a series of workshops for all the women in the groups.

There were five workshops, two each for the larger groups at Ndirande and Chilomoni and one for Soche East.  This enabled all of the ladies to come for a half a day, they learnt to make a fabric brooch and Susan was able to find out more information about each lady and talk to them (with one lady interpreting) about what it means to become a business.  Of the women in our groups 5 have a diploma in tailoring skills, 4 have a certificate and 14 have completed the informal course.  There are 10 women who need to do the informal course and 1 to do the certificate course.  We have had a generous donation to cover the cost of 4 ladies doing the informal course at the Beehive Tailoring School.  As part of the workshop they were all given a snack and were paid for their time and their transport costs which they appreciated.