Women Making a Difference Meeting September 2016

The Women Making a Difference Meeting was held on Saturday 24 September 2016.

We saw pictures from Susan's recent visit to Malwai.  Susan described her visits to see students who had been supported by the Dr Harry Potter Endowment Fund and the SOKO Fund who have now finished their degrees and she was able to help them in the next stage of their careers.  She also visited current students in their home villages (it was University holiday time).  One of the students Fydes needed £270 for university fees for this year and we were able to raise this money for her.  We saw and heard about the large College of Medicine order that was successfully completed in a short time despite power cuts and other obstacles.  The women altogether earned about £600 from this which is the largest amount they have ever earned in one order.  Sadly Akuzikie the development worker has left to take up a place at the University of Strathcylde.  Her replacement is Annie Chisala who now works half time for Chanasa and half for the Children's Fund of Malawi.

Susan also talked about meetings with other institutions for future orders and the setting up of an office in Soche East Women's Centre.  We then discussed the forthcoming events and finished with a delicious lunch.