Visit to Lotus Project by US Embassy

On Thursday 7th March 2019, Margaret Phiri from the US Embassy visited the Lotus Project. Gift of the Givers showed their DVD, which gives an overview of their work, followed by a visual introduction of the staff in the GOTG Team. Elizabeth, the part time Coordinator then gave an introduction about Chanasa as a Women’s Enterprise making Sustainable Fashion and Household Products. Afterwards Susan introduced Chifundo in the UK and then went on to explain the aim, policies and strategies of the Lotus Project. This was followed by site visits to Kanjedza pilot school in Limbe where she saw the changing rooms and how the water is supplied, met the Head Teacher and was able to talk with the Head Girl. Then we went to Soche East Chanasa Office and Sewing Room to meet the five group leaders and she learnt how the pads and bags are made, including a biodegradable reusable pad which can be tested by the mothers and girls after they have learnt how to make them. Ten of us went for lunch at African Habitat where Margaret explained to Aman, Muthu, Rameelah from GOTG and Susan about the US funding and how to complete the forms and the expectation that quarterly reports will be sent to the US Embassy. It was a positive visit and everyone was pleased about the way it went.