Susan Flynn
Rev. Susan Flynn

Susan Flynn is Founder and Chair of Chifundo in the UK and of Chanasa in Malawi (both established in 2014). She spent 20 years in Social Services followed by 17 years in the ministry of the United Reformed Church. Since retirement in 2011 she has studied Fashion and become very interested in Sustainable Fashion. Susan is Co-Founder of COMPASS (Counselling on Merseyside, Pastoral and Supporting Service), Founder of the Tree of Life (a church and community social enterprise in Manchester) and helped to found Vintage Blacon (a church and community project in Chester). She has visited Malawi since 2005 through a URC Synod Global Partnership (Synod chair) and now visits twice a year for 4 weeks at a time.  Susan is a member of the URC Equalities Committee.

Susan is also interested in creative stained glass and would like to set up a glass recycling enterprise in Malawi.

Married to Tony, they both believe in the value of education and its transformative powers, especially as Tony was a lecturer in Philosophy at the English College in Lisbon and Susan has been involved in education for children and adults throughout her career.  Tony has visited Malawi twice and is very supportive of Susan's outreach work.