Susan and Lynn Safely Arrived in Blantyre, Malawi

Susan and Lynn arrived in Malawi last Thursday. The journey all went smoothly and the 83 kg of luggage (including a lot of sewing supplies) arrived too.  Malawi is very hot at the moment, around 28-30 degrees C, but beautifully green.  Unfortunately there hasn't been enough rain this year so the maize crop is suffering and there will be water shortages later in the year. Susan and Lynn have spent 3 days in Lilongwe visiting outlets for Chifundo products and visiting students supported by the Harry Potter endowment fund.  They have just arrived in Blantyre after a 4.5 hour bus journey.  This is where the women's groups are based.

Here is a photo of the Lynn and Susan getting ready to board the bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre:

Lynn and Susan get the bus