SOKO Fund Student

The SOKO Fund Student we are supporting is Karen Mhango.  Susan was able to speak to her while she was in Malawi.

She was born 14 Feb 1994 and is one of five children, four girls and one boy. Her father died in 2002 when she was only eight years old. She attended a free primary school and was selected for a Government Secondary School, Karonga. However, she couldn’t complete her education as the school fees were increased and her mother could not afford them. She stayed at home until 2010 when some well-wishers helped her with her fees and she managed to gain entrance to Mzuzu University. She is majoring in Geography and minoring in English. A reconditioned laptop computer has been purchased by Chifundo and is in Malawi and when Professor Kamwanja, the SOKO Fund representative, next visits Mzuzu University, he will take it for her. Susan hopes to meet Karen in March at the SOKO Fund meeting of all the scholars in Malawi.

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