Orders received and delivered by Chanasa

Track Record of Recent Orders.  These have all been made by the groups of women in Blantyre.  Most were for Malawi but the University of Glasgow order was transported to the UK.
1. SOKO Fund work bags, which were used to launch their Graduate Association in Malawi in May 2017
2. A variety of products, bags, bow ties, ties, scarves, serviettes, table runners and 350 chair covers, for the College of Medicine 25th Anniversary September 2016
3. 50 Hustle Bags and samples of Chanasa Products for the Ministry of Gender in Malawi May 2017
4. 150 Safari Bags for a conference organized by the Ministry of Transport in Malawi October 2017
5.  100 Padded reversible messenger bags, 100 safari bags with zip pocket, 100 purses for the University of Glasgow - September 2017. The profits are to be used to fund female scholarships at the College of Medicine in Malawi
6. Products are sold in retail outlets in Malawi – Lilongwe – La Galleria, the Wildlife Sanctuary, Frissons and the Four Seasons – Blantyre African Habitat, La Caverna and the Mount Soche Hotel.