News from Malawi 24 August 2016

This is some news from Susan in Malawi that I received yesterday, she has a lot to sort out but seems to be doing pretty well.  I will keep the website updated so please check  (This is a slightly different website address which links to the same website – the old address still works but we are hoping to move to the new one.

Susan says,

Susan is now in Malawi.  After spending a few days in Lilongwe she now sends this news:

I am now in Blantyre. On Monday  Akuzike and I went to Soche East yesterday to check their products and to look at the office. We are going to have the one near to the sewing room and today I organised for two quotations to be done for a wrought iron outer door to the corridor. I need to see about some window locks for the sewing room, the corridor and the office windows. Tuesday morning was spent helping Ndirande with their products, all of which needed some more work! In the afternoon, Akuzike and I went to talk with the two Principals of the College of Medicine and the Polytechnic. This was about developing links for them to sell Chanasa products with the proceeds funding Higher Education female scholarships . Both are interested in the proposal and will take it forward so this is good.  It should lead to more orders.

Wednesday is the first workshop and hopefully we shall make 20 bow ties with the Chilomoni group.  The bow ties are for a big order that the women have for products for an Anniversary Event at the College of Medicine but they only have until the end of the month and a lot of things to make. There is a lot to organise for this.