News from Malawi 10 September 2019

On Monday 9 September Susan and Lynn visited 2 rural secondary school on the outskirts of Blantyre. They are away from the main roads, up dusty red dirt roads. The schools are very basic, with four classrooms, a couple of offices and outside latrines and washrooms. No running water or electricity. Water is collected from a borehole. The students are aged 14-21 and have to have passed the end of Primary School exam to go there. There were four classes, one for each year at each although students are of mixed ages, according to when they started and finished Primary School. The classrooms are basic and at one school one classroom block had been badly damaged in a storm so two classes were being taught outside. It was the last week of the summer holidays so there were no children there but we met with the head teachers and other staff. We are hoping to provide Lotus Packs (reusable sanitary towels) for these schools in the coming months.

On Tuesday we went shopping for chitenje for samples of luxury items to be made here in Malawi and to bring back to the UK. Limbe shopping area is as busy, hot and noisy as ever!