Mothers Groups at Kameza and Kachanga Schools

On the 26 September 2019 the Mothers Groups at Kameza and then Kachanga schools met with Elizabeth and Constance to begin the process of learning to make reusuable sanitary pads.  The mothers were provided with materials to make a good number of pads and they were shown how to sew them by hand.  It was a cold day but all went well. Elizabeth says 'We taught Kameza mothers how to cut and make a solid pad, small chitenje bags; left for Kachanga school, managed to teach the 10 mothers and two teachers who were present how to cut and sew a refill pad. Each mother was given a set to sew in their respective homes as a home work. Everybody showed interest. Both heads said we should thank you for allowing the mothers to learn the skills and for the supply of tools and materials.'

This will be followed up by another session in the coming weeks.  The hope is that the mothers will be able to create a small business, selling the pads enabling them to buy more materials to make them.