Meeting of the Trustees of Chanasa

The Trustees of Chanasa met on 5 September 2014 in...

Meeting of the trustees of Chanasa

They discussed a wide range of matters relating to the activities of Chanasa.  Details of the trustees can be found under Who We Are on this website.  Among the items discussed where the overseeing and support of the groups by an experienced lady who is working as a volunteer for 10-14 hours a month for an honorarium and expenses.  Chanasa has taken out worker's compensation insurance for her.  The possibility of selling at International School Fairs and Craft Fairs is being explored.  The UK orders were discussed.  Funding for a half time worker is being sought so that the work in Blantyre can be consolidated but also to research and experiment in production and marketing into the rural areas e.g. Gowa and Namiwawa.  This will be dependent on the UK orders increasing and the transport costs being financially viable as well as looking for other Malawi outlets.  Then if successful, funding for a full time worker will be sought.