Fashion Revolution Week 23-29th April 2018

Get ready for Fashion Revolution Week 23-29th April 2018, and be part of the biggest global movement campaigning for a fairer, safer, fashion industry. Use your voice and your power to make this year stronger and louder than ever before!
There are hundreds of events happening worldwide — this year looks set to be bigger than ever before! From creative workshops to film screenings, catwalks and thought-provoking panel discussions, be part of the global movement. 
Find out what's happening go to
7 days, 7 ways to get involved:
1. Ask #whomademyclothes. Be curious. Take a photo of your clothing label and ask the brand/retailer #whomademyclothes? When you speak, brands listen, so use your voice. 
2. Sign our Manifesto. We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. During Fashion Revolution Week we will be launching a 10-point Manifesto with a strong message demanding radical revolutionary change for the fashion industry. We will invite you to sign your name and share our vision for a better fashion industry. 
3. Write a postcard to a policymaker. Your voice matters, use it! Write a postcard to a policymaker and ask them what they’re doing to create a fairer, safer, cleaner more transparent fashion industry. 
4. Create a love story. Take a stand against disposable fashion and create a Love Story about an item of clothing you cherish and will never throw away!
5. Try a #Haulternative Take part in our #haulternative challenge and update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Choose from vintage, 2nd-hand, clothes-swapping, DIY and more!
6. Go to an event Check out our online calendar for events happening near you, from workshops to film screenings, catwalks and panel discussions. Or why not put on your own event? Submit your event details here. 
7. Donate To continue to grow Fashion Revolution as a global movement for change, we need your financial support. Please donate and help us keep going from strength to strength. 
What IS Fashion Revolution?
We are people from all around the world who make the fashion industry work. We are the people who wear clothes. And we are the people who make them. We are you. 
We are 'pro-fashion protesters' because we love fashion and want to see it become a force for good. We celebrate fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinising industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues.