COVID-19 Malawi Appeal raises £10,600

Our Malawi Appeal has now reached £10,600 which is an amazing achievement.  Thank you to all of you who have given so generously.  The money has all been sent to Malawi to help with the provision of PPE and other needs in the health care setting.

£1,600 has been used to buy materials and pay the Chanasa ladies to make cloth face coverings to be given out by medical staff at health clinics around Blantyre. 

The remainder is being used to purchase various types of PPE which is then distributed by Gift of the Givers in Blantyre.  So far money has been used to purchase 500 of the N95 Masks, reusable gowns, and drugs for Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Another 500 N95 masks, 3,000 disposible surgical masks, 250 face shields, 54 boxes of disposable gloves and many litres of liquid soap, hand sanitizer and many bars of soap have been purchased. These have been distributed to 10 health clinics around Blantyre and to the Beit Cure Hospital where they treat the orthopedic needs of children for free.  GAIA (Global Aids Interfaith Alliance) which runs clinics in Blantyre preventing HIV and providing care to people in Developing Countires has been given 200 N95 Face Masks which is a months supply for them and 30 boxes of disposable aprons which will last three months. Their director, Joyce Jere, says in her thank you letter 'We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your geneorus donation of Face Masks and Disposable Aprons.  Your donation is very important to us.  The donation will help us with the continuation of our commitment to serving the communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We would have struggled to find such items without your support.'

The appeal is now closed and more information will be provided on how the remainder of the money has been spent as we receive it.