Chisombezi School Mothers Training

Elizabeth Mtemba and some of the group leaders Constance, Chifundo and Agness went to Chisombezi School today, 18 March 2020, to teach the Mothers' Group how to make reusuable sanitary pads.  Elizabeth says: "There were 11 women and the training went on well. We started with introduction, the purpose of our visit, showed them the equipment and materials brought, then begun the training at 10.30am and finished at 3pm.

"We started teaching them how to cut the small chitenje bag (measurements, type of stitches to use etc). Each one of them made her own bag.

"We showed them how to cut all different  pieces of materials using the patterns in order to make a pad.  At least 8 women managed to finish a refill type of pad. Because of time factor, we asked those who had finished to assist their colleagues when they meet next or at their homes.

"We tried to do the training as a team.

"The deputy head teacher and the chairlady for the mothers group asked us to send their gratitude and thanks to Chifundo and Chanasa for all that they have done for their group."

Chisombezi School Mothers' Training