We are Making Face Coverings in the UK

We at Chifundo UK are making fabric, washable face coverings.  Volunteers are sewing them in the UK from African chitenje and plain material in a pleated or shaped design.  We are selling them for £3.50 plus First Class postage (First Class postage: 1 for 76p, 2 or 3 for £1.15, 4 to 9 for £1.64, 10 or more for £3.70). The whole price of the face coverings goes to support the work of Chifundo UK empowering girls and women in Malawi.  For orders of over 20 face coverings the price will be reduced to £3 each.

For more information contact us via the Contact Form, setting the Category to "Order Face Coverings". If you let us know how many face coverings you would like to purchase, of what type: patterned or plain, and whether they are for men or women, we will make them, post them to you and send you an invoice with instructions how to pay.  We can also make slightly smaller face coverings for children if required.   Alternatively see this Post on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/chifundouk/posts/133918668345712 and leave a Comment or Direct Message.

Meanwhile, our women in Malawi are being paid a fair price to make face coverings which are then being donated to local health clinics and to needy school children in Blantyre, Malawi.

Fabric face coverings from Chifundo UK