Susan Flynn

Susan Flynn is the founder of Chanasa in Malawi (established in 2014). She spent 20 years in Social Services, followed by 17 years in the ministry of the United Reformed Church. In her leisure time Susan studied and made creative stained glass for 9 years but since retirement in 2011 she has studied Fashion and become very interested in Sustainable Fashion. Susan has experience of setting up three voluntary organizations in the UK, two of which are church and community enterprises. She has been coming to Malawi since 2005 through a Synod Global Partnership and has organized visits in both directions. Her focus is on supporting the work of women in the Churches of Christ in Malawi. Her work for Chanasa as an independent charity has grown out of this involvement. Chanasa began in autumn 2012, and was registered as a charity in April 2014. Susan now makes twice yearly visits for 3 weeks at a time to help develop Chanasa.  She is acting Chairperson while Gloria Makunje takes a sabbatical in 2021-22.