SOKO Fund Bags

The SOKO Fund is a small Scottish-registered education charity that is devoted exclusively (and uniquely) to securing university education for women in Malawi – one of the poorest countries
in the world, see the website at for more information.

 In 2015 an order was received by Chanasa from the SOKO fund for 100 bags which they will give to the girls and women in the graduate association which they are setting up.

Making the SOKO Fund bags

The bags were made of recycled denim and decorated and lined with African fabric.  They had webbing handles and a zip fastening as well as an outside zip pocket and an inside pocket.  The women were shown how to make the bags in workshops run by Susan

Susan demonstrates how to make the bag

The women had to source and purchase the jeans needed to make the bags and the African Fabric.  It proved difficult to source the zips and webbing in Malawi so this was sent from the UK.

The finished SOKO Fund bag

50 bags were delivered in March and 50 in April 2017.

The completed SOKO Fund bag

The women worked hard to get them all completed on time.

The Soko Fund Graduate Association was launched on 12 May 2017 at Kamuzu College of nursing in Lilongwe.  The graduates were very pleased to receive their bags when they signed up to become members.

SOKO Fund bags with the SOKO Fund students